Carry Me! Animal Babies on the Move

cover spotsPeachtree Publishing Company/Ages 2-6
Hardcover and paperback 

Carry Me! Animal Babies on the Move introduces children to the many ways in which animal parents transport their children all around the world.  The story ends on a reassuring note with a human baby snuggled in its mother's arms.


  • Bank Street College of Education Best Children's Book of the Year
  • Parents' Choice Approved Award Winner
  • National Science Teachers Association Recommends Book 
  • Society of Illustrators The Original Art Exhibition
  • Science Books & Films Outstanding Science Read Aloud

"A beautifully sweet look at how babies are carried. Sure to become a calm and soothing bedtime favorite." Kirkus Reviews

"A good choice to introduce science to the very young." School Library Journal

"The teacher should leave the book where the children can pick it up: they will return to it again and again!" National Science Teachers Association

"Stockdale weaves together fact and lyrical prose to create a lullaby both informative and tender."
 Washington Parent

"Comforting in its carefully crafted assonance and simplicity."  Bloomsbury Review

"A beautifully crafted introduction to the natural world and perfect for bedtime reading."

 The St. Louis Post-Dispatch

carry me gator    carry me african jacana

carry me spider    carry me bat

carry me emperor penguins    carry me mother child


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